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  • Symptoms

    I’m just curious and it probably may be helpful for other people to have whole thread dedicated to it.
    What symptoms you guys had before you wanted to go to the doctor.
    I had pain in the testicle and it became large. It was for a 2 weeks painful to touch. After 2 weeks pain was gone and now it’s just discomfort. Testical size looks normal to me now.
    Now I have random pains in different organs but I think it’s just because I nervous.

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    I had a heavy feeling, dull ache(dull ache now in my right wich has a small epidermal cyst but no tumor) Also a feeling of being kicked in the balls where the tumor met the testicle, thats gone now, and I am getting feelings of swollen lymph nodes over my body and I am constantly feeling around all the time, but I think what I am feeling is muscle, maybe atrophying due to low T, the swelling feelings comes and goes, it is defenetly not in my head, my blood results are all normal, if its not muscle I am feeling then I am suspecting maybe the cyst is infected and causing the nodes to swell, CT scan came back clean, I am wondering if at the time of the CT scan the nodes wernt swollen.
    Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.