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  • Back pain

    Hi guys

    I had my surgery yesterday, everything was fine but I have terrible pain in the back on the left. It hears even more than place of cut. It looks like it hearts inside.
    Any one experienced this?



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    Surgical Pain

    Hi, (I'm not sure how to get the font codes off!)
    Post-op pain can be difficult to deal with. You should call your doctor if you are concerned. Someone (if not the surgeon) will be on-call for you even through the night. They are the ones who know what went on inside and can give you the guidance. Frequently they will know that extra work was done in one area and can reassure you. If not, they can give meds or make a repair if needed. Don't be afraid to talk with them if you are truely concerned...even though they forget this sometimes......the doctors are working for you!!! Take care, Sharon
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      Thanks for your reply Sharon,

      I called my doctor already and describe him my symptoms. He told me that it's hard to diagnose over the phone but he thinks that it might be the nerve in this area. He warned me before surgery that he might damage some nerves in this area but he never told me that it will give me such a pain. I hope it will be better and I don’t need another surgery to fix it.


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        stay on it

        Hi Alex, My experience as a nurse has shown that post-op pain should keep improving. Sometimes will kick up when people are actually feeling better and start doing more. That can be a good sign. Hope comfort finds you soon!! Sharon
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