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  • not sure what it all means

    Went to hospital with a swollen right testicle 7th sept and was kept in for observation. Next day i had a ultrasound and blood tests. The ultrasound found a mass in the majority of the right testicle and i was scheduled for a orchiectomy the following friday 15th. Got my biopsy results yesterday 5th oct and was told it was a seminoma, 8.5 by 5.0 by 5.0 cm with a afp of 144 (i think), Not sure what it all means and how to get a copy of my patholagy report so i can be sure of the facts. I asked the doctor and he said it can take weeks to get a copy of the report is this so (in the uk). they are scheduling me for a ct scan some time next week to see what treatment to go with next, chemo or radiotherapy.
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    Hi Nik:

    Definitely stay on top of things. Keep pestering until you get copies of your records. AFP should not be elevated with pure seminoma, HCG sometimes, but not AFP. Seminoma vs non-seminoma will affect your treatment options. Both are highly curable, but usually by different methods.

    There are a number of folks here from the UK, who can probably help you navigate the health system. I know in my part of the US, I just walk into the doctors office, sign a release and they copy records out of my file and hand them to me.

    Best wishes.
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      As Fish said, if your AFP is elevated, it's not pure seminoma, and radiation therapy won't be a treatment option. The most important things to know next are whether there is any sign of spread, and if not, whether your AFP drops back to normal. Its half life is 5-7 days, so to drop from 144 to below 5 could take a month.
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        been in touch with the hospital again and they are sending me a form out to get a copy of my records so should be here tomorow and start the ball rolling.