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    Had my CT scan monday to see if my seminoma had spread i have received a letter from the hospital saying that instead of being refered to the oncolgist i was supposed to, he said it would be more appropriate to be seen by a consultant medical oncologist at another hospital. This has me a little worried why do i need to go see this specialist at another hospital is it bad news?

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    Could be a finacial interest

    just a guess
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      They may be trying to line you up with someone with more expertice. It would be difficult to guess. The bottom line is that you deserve to know what is happening in every detail. I would call or go in to talk with them. Ask them to write down the words/terms that they use with you. Ask them what the goals of the change are and why. Ask them if there are concerns for time that might be involved. Hopefully there is nothing to be alarmed about, but without the information, you will not rest easy. If there is something to be concerned about and to watch for, you can be on it and not be at the mercy of your paper work transferring between facilities. Be your own advocate!!! With the exact information that you gather, you can bring it back to this site and the people here can help you understand exactly the best directions to go. Russell's Mom, Sharon
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        I agree with Sharon that you should ask why directly, not because there's anything wrong, but just to get a straight answer instead of speculating. I've found over and over again that there's always more to any situation than I know.
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