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Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow Scotland

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  • Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow Scotland

    Hi Im just curious to know how many on here are from Scotland, and may have or are being treated at The Beatson.....My hubbys consultant has told me that he is dealing wyth a few cases of Extra Gonadal tumours.. I havent met anyone either in the Hospital or at the out patient clinic who has the same as my hubby ... Tho i have read Eric V. threads on thys forum... i would love to hear fro anyone in the same situation... thanx Yvonne

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    Award For Beatson !!!

    I would just lyke everyone on the forum to know that my Hubby's consultant Dr Jeff White ,The Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow has won the Cancer Care Award , here in Scotland , for dedication to hys patients ......Which i thynk says it all.... A great team, installing great confidence in all hys patients... well done to hym and hys very dedicated team... I do have a photo of the award from one of our national newspapers but im not sure if im allowed to upload it due to copyright.... Yvonne :-)
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      yeah i know about that,

      Jeff and the nursing staff that were in the photo were part of the team who looked after me,

      can honestly say they truly deserve it. Even posted a letter a couple of days after praising the awards and got comment of the day in the newspaper!!