Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is doing well... Just a note to say my hubby is near the end of hys last cycle of BEP.... Last injection on 17th Nov... he already has date for hys CT scan which is the 21st Nov....He has been "weaned" off all hys meds and has done relativly well but thys week he has suffered pains in hys abdomen he put down to wind!! im not so sure and scared as well... he has neva experianced thys in all the tyme bein on the chemo and wondered if anyne has any ideas or has had thys? Last night he had dihorrea and thys morning he is fine, he neva ate or drank anythyng differnt... im scared... A friend finished hys cycle of BEP on 20th Oct and they sent hym for hys scan on 1st Nov now they say they want send hym for another as they thynk they sent hym too soon after he had finshed hys chemo yet they are sending my hubby only 4 days after he is finishin hys chemo...im worried bout thys.... the firend has been told hys tumour has reduced to 3 cm and they quite happy wyth thys but will make decision after next scan... wot do you guys thynk of thys? is thys normal? thys wee guy i speak of has not had testicle off but he had undescended one at birth and had operation to have it taken down and the docs did say at one point that they were taking the testicle away but have changed that decision.... they have told us early on that George , my hubby will maybe get biopsy taken from both testicles but that has never been mentioned again... im so worried... Our team of Consultants are very good but i styll worry... any advice would be greatly appreciated....thanx everyone, bless yvonne