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seminoma and teratoma at same time?

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  • Arwen
    Hi Yvonne

    I cant give you the answer-But all I can say is good luck hun....... I don't know whether you can get sep ter and sem tumours (Cancer Backup? Maggies Centre?-maybe help) If his markers came down-thats got to be good. remember testicular cancer has a high success rate hun-so I am sure he will do well.........

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  • ivannabanana
    started a topic seminoma and teratoma at same time?

    seminoma and teratoma at same time?

    Hi everyone

    I hope you are all well... My hubby goes for result of CT scan thys friday 1/12/06 so we having a very nervous week.... He had scan on 21 st NOV... Dont know wot to expect, we been told that hys tumour markers had came down .... He been told that the largest of hys tumours is Seminoma weknow thys becos its been needle biopsied but we were told that the other smaller tumours kould be teratoma... is thys possible? i know you kan get a tumour which contains both but i neva knew you kould have both in seperate tumours...The treatment is the same for Seminoma as for teratoma....but ive read a few posts on here and i havent came across thys yet.... Also my hubby has extra gonadal germ cell tumour which is a little bit rarer , or so we are told....I hope everone onthe'up', and doing well... Yvonne ;-)