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4BEP - now moving to VIP (Stage IIIB)

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    BEP vs. VIP vs. EP

    Originally posted by Scott
    The NCCN guidelines call for 4xEP or 3xBEP for stage IIIA and 4xBEP for stage IIIB non-seminoma.

    The standards are different for IIIA vs IIIB as Scott points out above. However you are doing the right thing for your son by questioning it. So keep up the good work and your remain in my thoughts. I am sure you will be celebrating an ALL CLEAR soon.

    The other question was why we moved from BEP to VIP to EP. BEP was causing lung damage and the VIP caused his platelet levels to drop extremely low. The risk of doing VIP again was too great. So we moved to EP which was much easier on his body than either BEP or VIP.

    Meanwhile thanks to everyone for the kind notes... off to celebrate some more!
    11/06 Left I/O
    11/06 - 2/07 2xBEP, 1VIP, 1EP
    2/08 Recurrence 2xTIP (second TIP reduced dose)
    1xHDC - Cardiotoxicity (no second BMT possilbe)
    11/08 - Thoracic Surgery to remove tumor (dead cancer)
    1/09 Scans Clear - AFP Rising
    4/09 AFP 1600
    4/09 Thoracic Surgery (again) found yolk sac & teratoma
    7/09 AFP at 3! & CT Clear
    2/10 Tumors in chest (again) likely teratoma
    11/10 Starting Trial Drug!... actually did not start trial. tumors shrinking
    10/12 AFP 29. Scans clear.