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2nd recurrence seminoma seems likely

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    I have followed this thread, Brendan, and wishing you best of luck. Please post any update here. We are rooting for you!


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      I'm following your story since 2021 cause my hb was on chemo at the same time. Please post any update, we are rooting for you! Wishing you a best luck!
      2/2021 HB 49y/o, stage 2B seminoma, right I/O
      3/2021 covid+
      5/2021 4xEP
      10/2021 all clear
      5/2022 all clear


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        Thank you Mike, SamanthaS and Maris. Sorry for the silence. I had the radiation treatments in the esophagus and right subclavicular area in the first half of October '22. I was going in early in the morning and working afterwards many of the days. I don't recall exactly how many treatments it was, I think I stopped at the 13th treatment which was on a Fri. Up until that point the effects were very minor, some fatigue and minor pain in the esophagus when eating. But the night after the lasr treatment the esophagitis hit. Terrible pain. I wasn't able to eat anything except scrambled eggs with a lot of difficulty and pain. I was admitted to the hospital for a 5 days and out of work for a while, lost weight. Since then I've had 2 CT scans and the next one is scheduled for early June. It looks good so far, although there has been some radiation effects to the lungs, and the esophagitis remains. It's nothing like what it was immediately post-treatment. I eat normally and occasionally have some mild difficulty swallowing certain foods.

        Hopefully this turns out to be a valid alternative to TIP in the long term. It's hard to say, though I've preserved what I have of my hearing and career by going this route which was a major concern.
        2014 stage 1 seminoma. 1x adjuvant carboplatin

        2021 recurrent seminoma distant metastasis. 2x EP, 2x EC

        2022 recurrent seminoma paratracheal and subclavicular. radiation


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          Thanks for the update and glad to hear that things are improving since that last treatment. Treatments are definitely not easy, but definitely worth it, once they are over.

          Cheers to a great check up in June and looking forward to more updates.

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