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Going In to Loose one....what do you think?

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  • Karen
    I concurr....age and markers point to seminoma. Removal of the testicle for stage 1 seminoma will mean you are most likely cured. Even with no evidence of lymphovascular invasion there can still be micrometastesis, so an I/O is not a 100% cure...but very close. That said, seminoma in early stages can be treated by surveillance or radiation to the paraaortic lymph nodes. Highly will be fine!

    The part about stage 1 seminoma that is a bit agonizing (aside from the cancer and surgery thing of course) is that you may be the one to make the choice bbetween watch-and-wait and RT. Pros and cons to both. The site dadmo pointed you to is great for the background info you need as well as questions for the doc.

    The I/O sounds bad but it's really not (and yes, I know I will never need one so it's easy for me to say ). Keep the area iced (bagged rozen peas are good for that), laxatives, if needed, so you don't stain with bowel movements, no lifting for 4-6 weeks, if you need to sneeze, cough or laugh use your hand to put pressure on the incision so you don't have the burning feeling that you ripped your sutures...which you won't. Move around as much as possible to lessen internal scar tissue formation.

    Lots of experinece, strength and hope on this site...glad you found us! You will be fine.

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  • dadmo
    I always feel odd saying this but welcome.
    A solid mass in the testicle almost always turns out to be testicular cancer. based on your age and blood work I would agree with the doctors that it is Seminoma. It's not possible to judge the stage with the scans and x-rays but stage one souds great to me. If it is stage one when they remove the testicle you will be cured. Nothing further will be required other then frequent follow-up visits. Check out the tcrc web site for some great information.

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  • huckchef
    sounds as though things are correct. solid masses in the testical are high percentage cancer. seminoma usually presents with no marker elevations. orchiectomy may be the only course of treatment you'll need if nothing is shown on the ct scan. if there is lymph node involvement and it is seminoma ..radiation will be possible treatment. But you will be cured!!!!
    My thoughts and prayers ,

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  • Gunney
    started a topic Going In to Loose one....what do you think?

    Going In to Loose one....what do you think?

    Great site. I'm glad I found it.

    I'll give you my current situation and let you all fire away.

    I am a 42 year old male. I have been to see two Urologists. Both agree.

    I found a hard lump on my right testicle. Had an ultrasound. It revealed a testicular mass. Blood Work is as follows:

    Testostorone- Still Not Back Yet

    Docs are pretty positive it is Testicular Cancer. Most recent Doc ( I am most comfortable with him), predicts that it is Stage One Seminoma. He said that there was a very small chance it is nothing, but odds are it is testicular cancer.

    I am scheduled for surgery Thursday afternoon the 15th of Feb to remove the right testicle. I will also be doing a CT scan earlier that morning before surgery.

    Based on the info given, could it be nothing, and if cancer what can I expect.

    God Bless
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