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    Originally posted by nnns85
    yeah ill probably look into that more after graduation at this point dadmo. Im not sure if i would want one, kinda on the fence, but we'll see. I asked the Urologist about it when i had the surgery, but he seemed against it, saying that it is very uncommon. I thought that was a little weird since i've read a lot about them online.
    I had one put in when they did my left orchiectomy on the 13th. I could not be happier with it. Its not the "unnatural" weird "thing" that some people discribe. At least mine is not. Frankly I was shocked a bit because I thought it might be. If your surgeon is not "cool" with implants seek out a different doctor who is. You don't want anyone who is not 100% doing it (My opinion)

    I'm going to sound like a shill for AART because I've mentioned them before but I AM really just a patient and I do think its a great "Appliance" as my surgeon calls it. And while mine was the first he has done (He is a mentor man) he said he would suggest it to future patients. I like that it is not filled with water (or anything) its solid. Nothing to leak. And it comes in adult sizes. Mine is a 31cc device which my surgeon said "Large but not abnormally so" So, its not like Pamala Anderson's Boob job but it sure has not hurt me self esteam either.