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Cancer came back!

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  • Cancer came back!

    I need help, i have (one year ago) a leumiocercoma testicular on my left test. i did chemo and radio but the tumor came back and it`s near the left kidney.
    Doctors said that im closer to lose to my left kidney and the operation could be unnsucessful.
    Im only 19 years old...please, give me a word.

    - Marcelo

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    My son was 19 as well and had a tumor wrapped around his kidney. Dr. Scheinfeld took out the kidney, he felt it was the safe thing to do. He has been without the kidney for a year at the end of May and it has little to no effect on him. He needs the bathroom more frequently but that has been the only downside.

    If you want to talk to him about it send me a private e-mail I'd be happy to give you his e-mail.