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Email from Doctor has me freaked...

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  • Email from Doctor has me freaked...

    I had my PET test done yesterday. I inquired with my DOC and here is his email response from my Urologic Oncologist:

    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: NONE

    There are no definitive nodes seen from the study, so pursuing radiation is
    the best option. There was some activity in the thyroid which is unrelated.
    We should test a TSH which I will put into the computer and you can have
    done when you're at Walter Reed next. Let me know if you have any other

    Is anyone familiar with what he means regarding the thyroid? Does this mean the PET was showing "cancer" in my thyroid? I'm obviously concerned. Please advise (if possible).

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    Thanks. My Radiation doc happened to call me - and under the military system he can access all of my records/etc on his system and he told me the same thing. Initially though - I thought the PET only picked up cancer....but it picks up all kinds of other stuff. Through the pet he could tell I have acid reflux, and TMJ in my jaw. Pretty interesting.


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      Originally posted by Matt_24
      I thought the PET only picked up cancer...
      PET pretty much picks up any cell that has a high metabolic rate. Essentially, cells that are constantly feeding are good at absorbing sugar, and the "dye" they use for PET is glucose with a positron emitting fluorine atom attached to it.
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