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    yes common

    Yes it is common, TC "usually" follows a pattern. They do the brain scan if there are symtoms. Stay on it with your doctors and they can guide you through and answer your questions. Sometimes when there are concerns by the patient, it takes a push, but eventually you can get each base covered as needed. Lots of water and fiber and you should be ok soon. Take care, Russell's Mom, Sharon
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      The normal path for the disease to follow is testicle then lymph nodes then lungs and in advanced cases the brain. As scary as it might be as long as it's stay on the normal path the cure rate is very high. We have a lot of members who have had it spread to the lymph nodes so just be ready and understand that it's a common event with this type of cancer.
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        with regards to the brain scan I read somewhere that that's usually done only if the tumor markers are high- mine were not.

        I already have the path report (and discussed it with my doc) and the CT-Scan report (which I haven't discussed w/ my doc yet). The path report looks good, the CT scan report contains too many medical terms for me to understand.

        I will post both reports and my doc's treatment recommendations once I got everything- probably friday.

        Thanks so much for the info and the support, I much appreciate it!