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Just starting my journey

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  • Scott
    Welcome and best of luck! You must be eager to get through the surgery.

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  • zacatak98
    started a topic Just starting my journey

    Just starting my journey

    I am 34, married with 5 children. (3 biological and 5 adopteed from foster care).

    I recenetly found my right testical painful and rock hard. I ahve had history of uroligical problems including cysts, hydroceles, and undecended testsicle. Ocourse the undescended testicle is my problem one noe. It wasn't discovered until I was 13, so it has always had a higher risk of disease.

    Anyway, the last 3 days have been one test after another. Without certainty, both of my doctors feel that with the test results they have so far that their diagnosis is stage 1 testicular cancer.

    Ofcourse the results of the remaining tests wil confirm more. I did my CT scan today.. this is supposed to be the final test. Then the surgery is on Tuesday April 26.

    I have been pretty unstable so I ahve taken a leave of absence from work. Mentally... well, let's just sau that our own minds can be our worst enemy. My doctor did give me muscal relaxers to help with the anxiety.

    Anyway, I am glad to be part of this forum. I thank you all for the information I ahve been able to get from you and appriciate being able to tell my story. I hope to update my post soon with good news.

    Thank you all so mcuh and God bless!
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