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Got my full full pathology report back.

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    will close this topic and post it to my longer thread.

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  • LoneNutTheorist
    started a topic Got my full full pathology report back.

    Got my full full pathology report back.

    Doctor says I'm pure seminoma, Stage I.

    There was some sign of vascular invasion, and also something called testicular intraeptihelial neoplasia. All were seminoma. However, doctor thinks any treatment plan should address that I also have microlithiasis in "righty."

    Dr. thinks that most radio-oncologists would recommend radiation -- and that sometimes chemo can be used if someone doesn't want to use radiation, cannot etc.

    My question is as follows, if I do something like chemo -- i.e. carboplatin, would it knock out any carcinoma in situ in the right side? I have no growths and the ultrasound showed no hypoechoic areas. Likewise, would they "beam the right nut" with radiation? Is this what causes low sperm count in most guys, or is it just the excess, runoff radiation that does it?

    I'd prefer to keep righty -- a month ago, I preferred to keep both, so I guess I am making some progress. Still, someone here wrote to me that low level radiation is sometimes used as a precaution on the other testicle. (I think it was Rune).

    What do you think?

    Glad I caught this when I did. Sounds like it was tired of being a Stage I, and starting to aspire to bigger things.

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