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Recovery and further treatment questions

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  • Recovery and further treatment questions

    hi im 28 and had my right testicle taken out 5 days ago. It was only 10 days from noticing a hard swelling to the operation. It was apparently a seminoma cancer, and i think i noticed it quickly even though it was quite large. I dont know a lot of the terms been banded about here but my doctor says all of the test results seem positive and he gave me a choice of radiation therapy or not. My blood test also returned a normal count of what im not sure. A lot of info at once. I decided against the therapy as im worried about any damage to my remaining testicle and its sperm count. Is this the correct decision? Also i was planning on going on a 3 week holiday to south america leaving in 10 days. The scar area is still a little sore and the scrotum where i had a prosthesis put in. The doctor said i could go but would need to take it easy. What condition could i expect to be in if i go in 10 days? will lose around 1300 dollars if i dont.

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    I didn't have a prosthetic put in, but I can tell you that the area will be tender for a few weeks. I drove 16 hours straight, 2 weeks to the day after my surgery with very little discomfort, so I think you will be fine for your plane trip.

    It will be hard for us to determine if you made a safe decision without your pathology report. If you can get your hands on it and type it up, the people in here will be able to determine what stage seminoma you are, and give you good advice. When you say the tumor was "quite large," that could mean anything from the size of a pea to the size of a ping pong ball.

    Take it easy, and don't be afraid to ask questions about whatever you don't understand or feel uncomfortable about!

    4/26/07 - mass confirmed w/ no elevated markers
    4/27/07 - left I/O
    5/2/07 - Dx: 100% seminoma stage 1A
    Surveillance: CT/blood (6 month cycle)
    4/27/13 - 6 years cancer free!


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      was never shown the report, the testicle had a large uniform hard swelling and was the size of an egg. Oh and he said it was stage one.
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