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prosthesis problem or paranoia?

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  • prosthesis problem or paranoia?

    had the operation 3 weeks ago and am now on holiday in venezuela so cant go to see a doctor. the prosthesis is very high and the cord connected to it taught. its practically at the side of my penis. is there something wrong or will it loosen as i heel more? appreciate any advice as im worried and wont be home for 2 weeks.

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    I've only had mine since 13 July so take this all with a grain of salt. At first I also thought it was riding very high and tight to the top. It also hurt a bit when it was moved. Now its 5 Aug and I'm much happier with my new Testicle (Implant) Pain wise I have as close to zero as I think you can get. Its also more "loose" inside my scrotum. Feel wise its good. Not too firm. I was warned that I might get one that felt like a "superball" in other words very stiff. The type I got is more natural. I'm a bit embaressed to say I appreciate that its a healthy size. My natal testes were pretty much nothings.