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rapid and efficient diagnosis stage II beginning chemo

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  • rapid and efficient diagnosis stage II beginning chemo

    Just thought I would I would check in and say that my husband has his diagnosis of early stage II nonseminoma. Everything is moving so fast here.
    The treatment has been rapid and efficient. Only four weeks ago he suspected a lump and went from general practioner, to ultrasound, to specialist, to blood markers (high afp although less than 1000 and HCG less than 500), to full body scanner, to removal of testicle, to full pathology report back, and now four cycles of chemo beginning next week!
    Diagnosis is stage II, but early, some lymph nodes but bigger than 1 cm.

    One interesting point is that my husband is 48, very old for nonseminoma. When the surgeon went in, he had never seen the kind of operations they did 40 years ago in France for decending the testicle! It took him a long time to find his way around all the scar tissue, some of the cords were under the muscle. Luckily he remember something 30 years ago from his training.

    We are scared about chemo, but optimistic about results. Also feeling lucky that the French health care system is so good and that he is now on the "full government coverage" and we have next to nothing to pay for his treatment.

    Any hints for help with chemo?

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    Hi Kris, just make sure your husband keeps on top of all his medications when he is on chemo for nausea and also that he continually drinks water to flush his system, even when he doesn't want to drink. Take each day one day at at time and try to stay positive. Chris'Mom