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  • Dont know what to do

    I'm 24 i returned today from the doctor and he said i had a cancer that already destryed one of my testicules and the other was breaking up. i feel at a loss, according to him i might lose both testicules. i feel so confused, my life isnt the same anymore, i wish this was a dream i just cant take it. sorry people i needed to vent out

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    It's REALLY unusual to have TC in both testicles at the same time. What kind of doctor did you see, and what kind of tests did he do? Did you have an ultrasound? Did he test for tumor markers? When are you scheduled for surgery? How long have you had symptoms, and what were they?

    If you have TC, it is very curable, and even the homones can be replaced--we have a few guys on this site who have had TC twice (though not at the same time), and they are doing fine, for the most part.

    Tell us a little more about your situation, and maybe we can be more helpful.