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Nipple soreness

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  • Nipple soreness

    I've been reading through some of the older posts..A bit concerned now as I have a quite tender to touch right nipple. I've also noticed my existing testicle is rather tender but not too painful. I have seen my doc and he is is not worried about the nipple soreness and told me to come back around April if it's not better and he will send me for an ultrasound..I didn't mention the testicle being sensistive.
    I've had a recent blood test so I'm presuming all is fine? There is no sign of a lump or any abnormality in my testicle that I can find.
    Don't want to go through it all again....Any advice would be most appreciated.
    Cheers Paul

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    If the nipple soreness were due to elevated hormones, that should have shown up in your blood test.
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      Thanks Scott...Most appreciated.
      Cheers Paul

      Originally posted by Scott
      If the nipple soreness were due to elevated hormones, that should have shown up in your blood test.


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        i have a faint memory...

        of my nipples being sore/tender... of course now its just a faint memory. :-)
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          Still worried

          Well I have a docs appointment on the 17th of March..I still have this painful right nipple problem and also pain in my existing right testicle.
          Could these problems be caused by my low testosterone level?
          My doc suggested last visit if the nipple soreness wasn't better he would send me for an ultrasound.
          I haven't mentioned the testicle pain as yet...I remember having no pain at all when I discovered the tc in my lefty..Just a large lump, nothing like what this feels like
          I can't find any lump or abnormality in righty....Just a tenderness that's not normal.
          Would appreciate any comments on this before I see the doc...I'm also asking him for the androgel...Maybe this could help with my problems.
          Cheers Paul