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had testicular cancer

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  • had testicular cancer

    hi had testicular cancer 2 years ago & had radiotherapy to clear it up and now having 6 monthly checkups on my last check up the ct scan & chest x-ray shows a upper ribs with marks that looks like had trauma to them from a car accident but i havn't, also my tumor markers have moved. i'm now waiting for another ct scan with in a month . do you think the big C is back

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    Hard to say--when you say your tumor markers have "moved", which markers, and what are your levels?

    I'm not a doctor or radiologist, so I have no clue what you might be seeing on the CT scan--What did your urologist or oncologist say about it?

    Keep us posted, OK?

    You might also want to subscribe to TC-Net, which is a listserv for TC survivors. There are lots of very knowledgeable guys on that list who might be of help. Instructions for subscribing are HERE.