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  • Update on my boyfriend

    Hey All,

    It's been a crazy month. As I posted before, after my boyfriend's surgery he got sick with high fevers. They wound up hospitalizing him for over a week, and aren't 100% sure what caused his illnesses, but they think that after surgery he may not have taken a deep enough breath and the bottom of a lung collapsed allowing a viral infection to grow. Right now it's been over 2 weeks since he got sick and he's home, but still getting low grade fevers, and has pneumonia. Because the virus also attacked his liver he's had to stop taking anti-depressants he was on, and while he's really trying to be strong - I can see him being negative too. Granted, with everything going on - it would be hard to NOT be negative.

    While he was in the hospital we finally saw his medical oncologist. They said that his tumors came out as seminomas, but because his levels of HCG were so incredibly high they feel there might be some non-seminoma components somewhere (full torso cat scan only revealed one lymph node a few centimeters bigger than it should be in his abdomen). Because of that they're opting for chemo. He'll start on the 13th, and for the first day of it I said I would stay with him the whole day. But after that, due to work, his friends are devising pick up and drop off schedules. He'll be on etoposide and cisplatin (sp?). They told him he'd need 4 rounds of it.

    He's not as scared for the chemo as he is of this infection - whatever it is - that still has a hold on him. He still has to have a viability test done on his semen to see if it will be worth it for him to bank, and if it is he'll spend time next week doing that.

    I've pretty much moved in with him for the past two weeks to take care of him, but next week I have to go home (for my sanity and because my cat sitter is going out of town).

    So that's the update.
    Thanks for being there

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    Just make sure that infection is cleared up prior to the start of chemo. The chemo will take its toll on the immune system, he needs to be as strong as possible going into that.
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      How did chemo go? Is he doing it at U of C?
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        The first round of Chemo was tough, and yeah he's at U of C.

        He's doing the citplatin/etoposide route - 5 days a week, about 5/6 hours a day. During the week he was mildly nauseaus and really run down. The weekend after chemo he was so ill. He didn't throw up but he spent both Saturday and Sunday doing everything he could not to. He's on zofran and compozine when he feels that way, and the compozine blurs his eyesight (normal side effect) so he can't watch tv, read, play computer games -- he just waits for the time to pass between naps and tries not to puke. He's lost about 20 pounds, but since he started feeling a little better he's put some weight back on (he better have, anyway - I'm cooking up a storm.) Yesterday 75% of his hair came off in the shower - and I think that was hard for him... he keeps getting little fevers (no higher than 100 degrees and they told us to go to the hospital if it gets to 101 - and when we talked to his doctor he said low grade fevers were normal).


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          Originally posted by dadmo
          Just make sure that infection is cleared up prior to the start of chemo. The chemo will take its toll on the immune system, he needs to be as strong as possible going into that.
          So far so good! He was healthy for about 3 days before starting poor baby can't get a break, but so far no dr. worthy infections after round 1.


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            Usuallly the first weekend after the round of chemo is the worse...Sounds like he taking everything pretty well which is great to hear.. 1 round down--3 to go!!! Good luck !!! DON
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