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  • hair regrowth questions

    Hello everyone, I just got the 'all clear' yesturday from my doctor and he is extrememly certain that it is all gone. Just to give some background, im 21 had stage 3 bilateral (at the same time) with metastasis to lymph nodes (had a LOT removed) and lungs. At the start I heard them say something about my markers being around 3000 im not sure how bad/good that is. Anyway, I finished chemo quite a while ago (4X BEP), its been about 5 months. I have a few questions about hair loss. My beard has started to re growth but it is patchy in some spots and the 'beard line' is lower than pre-chemo. Also the hair on my head seems to be growing back too, but patchy as well, on the top is seems a lot thinner than the sides (which seems to be consistent with male pattern baldness) However, I never noticed any signs of male pattern baldness pre-chemo so I really don't know why its so thin on top. Just wondering how others hair regrowth timeline progressed. I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything directly related to this. thanks.

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    Hi Steve.

    Congratulations on the "All Clear".
    I'm 9 month out of chemo and hair and beard are quite "normal" again - whatever that means in this case. I met with a couple of chemo-companions recently and one of them had a "thin hair look" in the sides and a few not-so-well-covered- spots on the top.
    We all have had strange beard experiences but only for a couple of month.

    I guess it's very individual but it seems like we all get what our age tells us to have...

    Best wishes
    Embryonal carcinoma, stage II,
    3 x BEP, apr - june 2005


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      Your hair will tend to come back patchy and maybe even a slightly different color. After a few months that will change and everything will appear as it was.
      Son Jason diagnosed 4/30/04, stage III. Right I/O 4/30/04. Graduated College 5/13/04. 4XEP 6/7/04 - 8/13/04. Full open RPLND 10/13/04. All Clear since.

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        I think sometimes the hair just comes back thinner or finer, as in my case. I finished 4xBEP in April 2005, and still have patchy beard spots on my face, and my hair on my head is much finer and thinner than before, and gets matted if it grows much longer than an inch or so. Again, probably varies from person to person. Maybe it will change eventually, who knows?

        I hate to think I'm getting male pattern baldness in my mid-30s, but we all have to grow old sometime I guess, not that I plan on doing it gracefully.
        Vinny (aka Frank)

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        4x BEP 1/24/05 - 4/11/05; RPLND (left side) 5/31/05
        VATS resection of teratoma from left lung 4/26/06
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          Glad to see you got the" all clear "-- I think the best explanation for the hair would be "baby hair" It's like all you hair has to start the growth process all over again and starts off fine like a baby,s hair-- I still can't grow a full beard and it's been almost 1 year since salvage chemo!!!!!
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            I agree with Don, It's like the hair when you are a baby or young boy.
            My son's hair was fine as a young boy. His hair now 9 months post chemo is finally starting to fill in. He was getting a little impatient about the lengh of time it took for his hair to come in. It still has a long way to go but at least the bald spot on his head is almost gone. By the way, he's only 21.
            Mother of TC survivor.
            Son, Josh 20, diagnosed Jan. 24, 2005. Left Orchiechtomy Jan.31, 2005. 4XBPE March 7th to May 28th 2005.


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              my hair came back rather quickly..but of course it was light for a while..but now its back to its darkish color and thicker


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                My hair came back, although like many of you it's thin in certain places. I usually end up cutting it very low with clippers, and in the summer I may shave it a couple times. Hopefully that will help it grow back thicker. As for the facial hair, due to weekly shaving its thicker than the hair on my head, but also like many of you I don't seem to be able to grow a full beard( although I wouldn't really want to, since its not my style)

                Anyways, best of luck to you!