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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, the viability tests brought bad news. We found out that should our relationship become a marriage, we'll never have children of our own. We're both very sad about this, but at the same time - we're so focused on him getting better, and that would be a few years in the future -- so it's not our primary focus (and I am a really big believer in adoption anyway).

    My boyfriend finished his first round of chemo two weeks ago. He's getting Cisplatin and Etoposide five days per round and he'll have to do that 3 more times.

    During chemo he was worn down, and a little nauseaus (using compozine and zofran. Zofran is CRAZY expensive, btw.). Really, the bad stuff came the weekend after chemo. By Friday night he was feeling pretty bad, but Saturday and Sunday he was so ill that his personality kind of disappeared. The compozine made his eyesight blurry so he couldn't read, watch tv, play computer games -- he could only nap, eat little bites of food, and wait for time to pass. He never vomited, but he told me it was by sheer willpower.

    By Monday his personality was back a little - he was being sweet again, and making little jokes. Tuesday he was still worn down and feeling gross. Wednesday he got on a plane and headed to San Diego (where his mom lives) - he had an airline employee wheel him in a wheel chair to the gate and he wore a face mask on the plane. By the time he got to San Diego he walked to the baggage claim and was tired but feeling okay. Thursday he was worn down from his trip and had a low grade fever (100.5) so we called the doctor who said it wasn't a big deal unless it got to 101.5. By Friday, when I got to San Diego he wasn't nauseaus anymore and was starting to feel a little better - but still weak. We were able to take walks by the ocean, but certainly no where near the walks we used to take together. He walks very slow and tires easily. He started losing his hair while we were there, but mostly chest and pubic hair.

    Yesterday he took a shower and lost 75% of the hair on his head. His beard is very very patchy, most of it's gone. I think he's shaving the rest tonight. He's still pretty weak and he's sick of being sick. It really kills me that he has three more chemo treatments to go through and several more months of this.

    Have I mentioned that I really hate cancer?

    I will say that this has brought us closer together.... but man, it's really hard.

    Monday he'll call and find out when he needs to get his next blood test and chemo treatment (the nurse who was supposed to make him his a schedule - didn't.)

    So that's the update.
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    Originally posted by Individuation
    Firstly, the viability tests brought bad news.
    When was the test? Are you sure that's a permanent answer?

    This time is a challenge, but you'll make it through. Keep us posted on how you're both doing.
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      Originally posted by Scott
      When was the test? Are you sure that's a permanent answer?

      This time is a challenge, but you'll make it through. Keep us posted on how you're both doing.

      The tests were done before he started chemo. It was, however, after he'd had a long protracted illness due to surgery complications (including high fevers). They told him that 1/2 were dead, a lot were funny shaped, and the normal ones were barely moving. When they did a partial unfreeze they were all dead.