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  • mouth ulcers!!!

    thank you all for your posts re shaving, i can now add shaving my sons head to my list of things i never thought i would do!he does look ok tho,i have tried to get him to post on the site and talk to people of his own age who are going through what he is.really feel it would be beneficial to him but he has to make the move!!
    he is suffering terribly with mouth ulcers at the mo,i know this is a common side effect but nothing seems to work to ease the pain and he just cant eat. really hard to just watch.
    if anyone has any tips to help, please share!!

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    has your son talked to the oncologist about the mouth sores? There's a couple of prescription options that will help. My husband used Biotene mouthwash and toothpast (sold over the counter) which definately helped with the mouth sores.

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      I has a problem with mouth ulcers on my first cycle. Learned my lession the hard way, and was fine after that!

      The key was to clean my teeth, and use a mouth wash after everything I ate, and after I drank anything sugary. Even if that means youre doing it 5 or 6 times a day you do it. Get a really soft toothbrush, as a hard one will make it worse. For the mouth wash make up a mixture of 50% salt, and 50% bicarbonate soda. Use a spoon of this, in about an inch of warm water, and swill around in mouth for 2 mins. Hopefully that will stop them coming back in future.

      As Patti says, once youve got them get a perscription from the docs to help clear them up. I was given a gel called 'oracort' (might be an NZ brand name... the tube says it is 'Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste') that helped clean them up. Isnt an over night job unfortunatly, took about a week to get them under control, but after that they didnt return.

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        If you buy a mouth wash try and get one that is alcohol free.
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          helped with my mouth sores

          I used a product before chemo began called Cuprident it is a toothpaste that did clinical trials in Louisville KY (where I live) so I was fortunate. the toothpaste really helped as a preventitive but the mouth foam helped when I still got a couple of sores. The foam is very gentle. I wonder what would have happened if I had started on the toothpaste in advance of my chemo? I am still using the toothpaste even though I am long out of treatment (it has a bunch of other healing properties that help with gingivitis that sort of thing)

          I buy it from their website this page is their oncology page not terribly informative but there is a brief testimonial from an oncologist and there a lot of information about the product itself including their clinical trials. Best wishes through this process :-) your son is very lucky :-)


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            I too had terrible mouth sores during chemo that cleared up within three days of starting a prescription mouthwash called "MARY'S MAGIC MOUTHWASH" Ask your doctor about it. It is a common prescription for these chemo induced mouth ulcers at the IU Med Center.
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