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retrograde ejaculation question

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  • retrograde ejaculation question

    First off, I've had various posts all over the place in the past while, I forget where I placed all of them, thanks to everyone who replied. Anyway, I had a RPLND about a month ago. The doctor was very experienced and said the surgery went really well and the nerve sparing tecnique was used. However, only a small amount of semen comes out when I ejaculate and my urine if definately a bit cloudier. I searched the forums and there wasn't much info on if it takes time for it to come back and how long. Im wondering if it works something like the orchidectomy where the area beside the scrotum is a bit numb for a whiles and gradually the nerves get their sensation back.

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    answered my own question

    after digging a little deeper in the forums I found the answer to my question. It can take a few months for it to return. Well..thanks to everyone who posted on that topic