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Did anyone have pain after sex (pre-diagnosis)

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  • Did anyone have pain after sex (pre-diagnosis)

    This may sound strange, but I have thought about this since my diagnosis. For about the six months before diagnosis, I noticed something. Everytime my wife and I had sex, I had a pain in one testicle (always in the testicle that turned out to have cancer). This pain was always after I was "done", not during.

    We had been married for about four years and I never had the problem prior to that. I heard of the term "bust a nut" an just figured that was descriptive of the post sex feeling of some guys. I truly did feel like I busted a nut. My wife and I joked about it.

    Did anyone else feel like this pre-diagnosis or is it just a coincidence?

    BTW, there is no pain after sex now.

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    I didn't have pain, but I was having problems with maintaining errections, right up until the point to where my tumor had completely overtaken my testicle. That resolved itself after my cancerous testicle was removed. I asked my (new) urologist about my experience and he said it was common, but no one knows why.
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      I think its cause the tumor eats up testosterone and maybe other hormones, and maybe other hormones, I am having my I/O tomorrow morning.
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        I noticed an unusual pain/sensitivity in the front of the affected testicle (most notably during sex) for at least a year before the swelling occurred; unfortunately, the was pain was not enough for me to seek out medical attention.
        Brian, [email protected]
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          Same here made it less fun.
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