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3 Years out have a question.

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  • 3 Years out have a question.

    Hi all!

    I'm three years out since my diagnosis. I had stage I seminoma with no vascular invasion. After the surgery I chose to go with radiation to help put my mind at ease. So far everything has been going really good until here recently and I want to see if anyone else has ever had this problem. Right at the incision for the past week I've been experiencing more than the normal amount of discomfort. At times it feels as if someone shoved a toothpick in and then the pain radiates around the pelvic area, and then it will go away and be an annoyance (it's been a steady pain).

    I'm going to make an appointment to see the doctor and see what they say, I had my yearly exam with Dr. Einhorn and everything checked out okay, other than high Triglycerides.

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    I've had a variety of surgery - 2 I/O's, RPLND, hernia repair along RPLND incision, and gall baldder removal

    I occassionly get sharp to dull pain over these incisions. I personally don't worry too much about it. Sometimes when nerves are cut for surgery, they periodically attempt to regenerate and this can cause intermittent pain, also large amounts of scar tissue tend to form along the incision, and scar tissue is not very elastic, so it seem easier to injure these areas. Maybe some other folks can offer some ideas also.

    Of course if the pain is affecting your ability to do things, you should call your doctor.

    Best wishes,

    Right I/O 4/22/1988
    RPLND 6/20/1988
    Left I/O 9/17/2003

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      Thanks for the reply. It definately doesn't effect everyday life, but better safe then sorry!


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        a few months back i was having pains near my incisions, which is the general area of the first pains i had when i was diagnosed. of course the first thing that popped into my head was "it's back"! after a ct scan it was determined it's not back and my mind was at ease again, for a little while. my urologist told me that i should expect some pain and discomfort in the area probably for a long time or even forever because there are large nerves that have to be severed when the I/O is performed. and i still have some aches and pains in the area often. so i wouldn't let it bother you to much unless it gets to intolerable and you may need to get it looked at. peace of mind is worth alot!!!!best of luck, brian!!
        diagnosed 01/15/2005 bi-lateral seminoma stage IIa,4cm lymph node, right I/O & partial left I/O mar/2005, 18 days of radiation, remaining left I/O- aug/2005, surveillance, Wife did IVF oct/2005, DAD OF BABY GIRL born 08-02-2006!!! testosterone implants May 2008