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Any guys that ride cross country bikes

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  • Any guys that ride cross country bikes

    Hi Guys long time no post for me but been enjoying the cancer free lifestyle since mid-jan of this year. Finally got back on my downhill bike. Plus started riding a little cross country also. My question is since my surgery my seat is the most uncomfortable thing right now. All the new seats with the grove down the center really hurt!!!! Anyone have any suggestions on what they use for the longer rides. Any help is appreciated Thanks
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    Congratulations on your continued good health. Have you tried a gel seat like they use in spin class?
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      Go for a cushioney one.

      I have been riding road for about 20 years and mountain (xc) for about 10 years. I've tried a few seats. The one I found the most comfortable, even for long rides, is a really cushioney one I stole off my wife's new bike (a GT hybrid-the result of a mountain bike and a cruiser having sex ). It even has the springs on the back . I get weird looks, and it probably adds a pound to the bike, but it is the best seat I have found. And it probably cost $10.
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