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Any local walks/races??

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  • Any local walks/races??

    I have tried searching the web, but I have been unable to find any local walks/races that support Testicular cancer. Does any one know of any walks to occur in Michigan? Or any other events supporting the cause?

    Watching my husband go through diagnosis, treatment and now surviorship has left me with a deep need to help others going through the same trials. I participate in the local breast cancer walks to save boobs and would like to work on saving some balls

    Thanks in advance

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    Heres a few sites that might help, nothing to do with TC but maybe to help you.



    MSU A number a websites links
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      I did the same thing and did not find any. Going through TC does kind of make you want to help others going through TC or worse. But for me it really did not sink in to me until a co-worker asked me to sponsor her in a "race for the cure" event to celebrate her 5-year cancer survival anniversary. That really made me think.

      Being diagnosed with TC was a shock, but I found out quickly how treatable it is today. But 40+ years ago a TC diagnosis was a pretty grim event for most. Yes, eliminating TC completely would be wonderful. But, in my mind the race for the cure for TC may have been won by Dr. Einhorn's breakthroughs that made it curable for so many. There are so many other forms of cancer that need just such a breakthrough, and many people's lives could be saved, including ourselves or those we hold dear.

      I feel so lucky to have developed a cancer for which a treatment breakthrough has already been achieved. Inspired by this (as well as reading of so many others on this Forum participating in events around the country), my 13 year-old daughter and I will participate in a local race for the cure event in late September. May not save balls, but boobs are OK too - but what matters most is eventually finding breakthroughs that save lives.
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        Those of you who have been through chemo are at an increased risk for other cancers. From talking to the doctors at Sloan your most likely problem will be chemo induced leukemia. My suggestion is first to raise money for any cancer organization (one cure should lead to others). What I do is try and focus one tc or leukemia. The lukemia foundation has a wonderful training program for anyone interested in raising money for them. They were able to work with my wife and coach her through her first triathlon an 53 years of age (and I don't mind saying that she kicked as*) Here is the link Team In Training
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          There are bunch of races and other cancers you can support.

          Live Strong foundation is having LiveStrong races across the country this year. I think Scott is participating in one on the East Coast. I'm in Denver and I'm participating in that one. Also check with and other sites.

          It is fantastic that TC has a high cure rate. Unforunately, there are folks who don't always survive it. But at least the majority of people go into remission.

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            Great suggestion dadmo. When looking into treatment options, my reading showed nearly those of us treated with radiation also had an increased likelihood for developing other future cancers including leukemia, so this is a good thought for all of us.

            I guess I won't be so quick to complain this year when my wife asks me to help her distribute fundraising information for the Leukemia Society in our neighborhood.
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              Thanks for all the great information! I really appreciate it and will try to do my bit to help out.


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                You can also check the American Cancer Society's website for their yearly Relay for Life walks. They celebrate survivorship and raise money for research. It's a great way to be involved in your community and you always meet interesting people. April
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