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  • High Liver Function Test

    I am 3 weeks post RPLND. I went to see my Oncologist on Monday to go over the path reports from the surgery. Everything was great. Tumor and lymp nodes removed. Everything else negitive. I also had regular lab work done.
    Well I get a call today from my Doc's nurse and she says I need to come back in to repeat the blood work that my LFT was up and they wanted to make sure the test was right or wrong. I'm going back in the morning (7/25) for the blood work. What does this mean (High LFT)? I am worried to death. Can anyone explain?


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    At this point I wouldn't be overly anxious. It is quite possible that the labs are wrong and/or the liver was in shock from your RPLND and just wasn't functioning properly for a bit.
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      It's probably important to follow up, but as Dadmo says don't be overly worried at this point. Many things can elevate liver enzymes (alcohol, tylenol, various solvents, and other chemicals, the stress of surgery and/or anesthetics, etc), and the liver has more ability to repair itself than most organs.

      best wishes.
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        Since I'm on testosterone, I occasionally have liver tests, and my most recent one came back with a couple enzymes slightly elevated. I was also worried for a week or two

        But when I saw my doctor, he said not to worry, because they were only slighly high and not ones to be concerned about by themselves.

        It's probably nothing.
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