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cancer and azoospermia

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  • cancer and azoospermia

    I am new to this forum and have a couple of questions. Let me give you our background. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now and I have read that after one year a couple our age should be tested. Im 29 he is 35. So I went to my OB and tested out perfect fertility wise. We got a sperm count on him and he had none. This was a huge shock because he has an 8 year old daughter from a previous marraige. So we know he worked at some point. We went to a urologist and when the physical test seemed normal he ordered an ultrasound, and wow there it was a tumor in the left testicle. So next we had a ct scan done to see if it had spread anywhere and found a tumor in the right kidney completly unrelated to the testicle. Go figure. He is having the testicle removed and part of the kidney on Friday, but no spread to nodes or anywhere else. Phew!
    My question is has any one else been sterile prior to diagnosis, had a removal, and gone on to father children? I know that people can but from what I can tell it seems that all these people had normal sperm counts before. Can the tumor cause the body to stop producing sperm? We really want to get pregnant and have a child. Unfortunalty adoption is not an option, and the cost of sperm retrieval and IVF is overwhelming. Please help.

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    My Uro told me that the sperm count can be very low or zero while the cancer is still there. So yes I think there is a chance that the count could return. Now it could take 3 months from the surgery to see any increase. I would talk to the URo and get some answers from them as they are the one that know the most about this. Becareful of testing too early and throwing away money. Ask the URO when the best time to test again would be.
    Good Luck
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      It is more common then not for a tc patients to have a very low sperm count while the cancer is active. After my son had his testicle removed we were informed that he would need chemo so he banked sperm as a precaution and everytime he mad a deposit his count was higher.
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        Thanks for the advice. That makes me feel a little better. The URO said it could return, but dont count on it. So I was wondering what experiences others have had with this. I think our URO tries not to sugar coat things, give us worst case senario so that when it is better we are happy, but prepared for the worst.