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NON-SUTURED Testicular Implant Info Wanted

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  • NON-SUTURED Testicular Implant Info Wanted

    I am seeking input from others who have testicular implants which have NOT been sutured in place.

    My implant is sutured and I am not happy with this solution.

    My implant is the SILIMED device, which is quite hard to begin with... And it is quite uncomfortable - especially when sleeping, wearing tighter slacks, and when participating in certain recreational sports like riding bike, etc.

    Besides the inherent problems with the density of the device, the implant seems to be sutured too low. As a result it does not move much, and I cannot even pull it up high enough to provide comfort.

    I know some doctors DO NOT suture implants. It seems to me that this would be a better solution, since the device could freely move.

    On the other hand, I am wondering if an unsutured implant may have less of a convincing cosmetic appearance - since it will rest at the bottom of the scrotum. That is to say, is the implant somewhat hidden, thereby leaving the appearance of only one testicle?

    And also... Does an unsutured implant every turn sideways?

    If you can answer these questions, please do - either here or with a private message.


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    They can migrate

    My son has a saline prosthesis and seems to be happy. His is sutured. We learned that it was best to suture because they can migrate into odd locations. My son had some interesting humor around this one! Keep searching, you deserve comfort and satisfaction!! Take care, Sharon
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      How would a not satured migrate any difrent to a normal testicle?

      Did you both have it done during the I/O or not? I heard if its done during the I/O it wont sit properly.

      edit: Oh are they just thrown into the scrotum? I thought they were suspended via an artifical vas deferens connected to the inguinal canal.
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        My urologist says that not saturing the implant may cause many problems...
        Implants can not be satured to low, so that they can move almost like a natural testicles.

        On the other hand a famous plastic surgeon says that he never satures the implant...

        I really do not know whether to have it satured or not.