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Surgery after 3BEP

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  • Surgery after 3BEP

    After all of the stuff that I have been through this year, I now find out that I have to have my ACL repaired. The problem is that I just got out of chemo about 5 months ago (3BEP) and if I remember correctly I should not recieve any pure oxygen. The thing that confuses me is that the doctor that is going to work on my knee didn't know anything about not having pure oxygen after receiving bleomycin, and he wants to put me under for surgery. So I am asking the forum if I am correct in not wanting to be put under for the surgery? Also curious if there is anything else that I should be aware of before an operation due to the chemo that I received.

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    I really can't think of anything other then the oxygen but I would ask the orthopedic surgeon to call your oncologist.
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      Bleo and Oxygen

      Hi, This is my first reply and so far have read some of the forums. My son is 22 and is half way through his 2rd cycle of chemo. The questions about the Bleo caught my eye and I do have some informaton. (I am a nurse) We have seen specialists at UCSF. They shared quite a bit of detail about high dose O2 and Bleo. It can cause pulmonary fibrosis. This is something you do not want!! Incluced with the high dose O2, they advised never again to scuba dive or have any forced oxygen over the lifetime. I talked with the head of the ER and also anesthesia at the hospital where I work and neither of them have heard of the concern early. The anesthesioligist quickly went to work and found the answers that he was looking for. As well, I have shared documents with the ER doc. From one article, the problem is presenting itself because people are now surviving their cancers as compared to the opposite years ago. The overall concern is around high dose oxygen, not just oxygen. Surgery could be a concern but can be accomplished. This is how people are getting through the node disection, but I would not want to be put under without the surgical team being aware of the concern. There is info out on the web and as well, I can share what I have if needed. Hope this does not come too late. Sharon
      PS I will be writing a mom, there are many concerns and emotions~
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        Welcome Sharon and ndboondockkid!!!

        Ask your docs to do their homework....I agree with Russell's Mom that you need to talk to the head of anaesthesiology about this. The url below gives you a background search. The thing I have learned about docs is most of them are oblivious about anything outside their area of expertise. Scary.
        Anyway, congarts on completing chemo and I hope you have TC behind you for good!

        Hope your son is doing OK!!! Yes, there are many concerns and emotions and the folks here have been an incredible source of strengh for me, as I know they will be for you if needed.
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