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  • couple questions

    Those who have had an Orchiectomy(sp?) did you notice a decrease in ejaculatory load?

    Also I just read "About one in 25 men who have had testicular cancer may develop cancer in the other testis" I heard it was 1 in 50.
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    I've seen a range of "from 1 to 5%" chance of developing a second cancer in the other testicle. I wouldn't worry too much about the exact statistic. The main point is that it's unusual, but the risk is significantly higher than for the general population.
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      Don't worry if the other one is working you will have plenty of sperm to get the job done. As for amount I would say about the same give or take.. I think a lot of things can decrease output besides cancer once you get healed up things should start working like normal and be about the same.
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