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night sweats 6 wks post treatment

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  • night sweats 6 wks post treatment


    My husband was treated with 4 cycles of BEP. Last treatment was 9/19. Had CT and PET scan on 10/10 showing no cancer activity. The last 4 nights he has had bed drenching night sweats. Anyone else experience this? I've heard of night sweats during treatment, but not after.

    Many thanks!

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    if this helps

    I have been having the strangest dreams. My mind will not rest even when I sleep I still feel like I am awake.
    Your hubby has been through a lot and it may take time.
    That's just a guess though.

    Ask the MED ONC , I am sure a simple phone call will put you at ease or give you the answer you are looking for.
    10/09/06 -- pT1-pNx-Mx-S0


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      Hi Clyde On,

      I've experienced the same thing you described. I think that its a combination of having your mortality challenged, primal fear, and lingering effects from general anaesthesia. Apparently it can take a week or two for that stuff to get out of your system. I suspect that the weird dreams continue to perpetuate themselves for some time after that.

      Man, some have been freaky...

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        more info

        My husband went in for labwork and apparently his LDH is slightly elevated. Previously 210, currently 270. Will retest next week. Any advice?


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          Isn't that in normal range? LDH isn't specific to testicular cancer; it's an indicator of cell damage. I wouldn't be too worried.
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