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cycling and my last guy standing

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  • cycling and my last guy standing

    Hello all I know we have a bunch of cycling folk in here so here it is:

    when in the saddle and pedaling I want to eliminate as much as possible the banging around of me last nut.

    any advice on shorts, types of saddles... any thing would be help full...

    thanks in advance!

    I am a mountain biker if that helps no offence to the roadies.
    10/09/06 -- pT1-pNx-Mx-S0

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    Sounds like you're not a spandex fan.

    You'll probably just want some cycling briefs like these.
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      well i cycle as well . have been a very active cyclist for about 20 years . i had my "nut" removed this may . and i cycled everyday during my chemo therpay treatment and i havent had any odd feeling or "nut banging "around
      but as scott says , try out some Spandex ..
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