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Does Alcohol Cause Cancer Recurrence??????

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  • Does Alcohol Cause Cancer Recurrence??????

    I've been hearing that alcohol causes cancer recurrences in all types of cancer. Does anybody believe that is true? I mean not just a few drinks here or there but the weekend drinker that goes out to bars.

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    I think that a lot of alcohol can bring a cancer on a long term basis. But i don't think it can cause recurence if you take it reasonably. A lot of study shows that red wine(containing resveratrol) just 1 or 2 glass a day can kill cancer cells. I personally take a beer ocasionally and a daily glass of wine. It is also prooved that if you eat too much fast-food like pizza or mc-donalds you're at high risk of cancer but when i go to mc-donalds(only once a month) i don't want to look my familly take this snack without me . If you listen to all the advices on TV, newspaper, and internet you will drink only green tea and and eat green vegetables and probably get cancer anyway. When you choose to have a healthy life you only reduce your risk, cancer can strike anyway.

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      There's a bunch of theories out there about alcohol. The only thing that is definitive is that alcohol lowers your immune system.

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        Risk assessors use a formula that includes carcinogen potency (slope factor) x dose = excess cancer risk for a lifetime. Alcohol is considered a weak carcinogen but is linked to some cancers if the dose is high and is over a long period. Alcohol in combination with tobacco greatly increases the risk of head and neck cancers, including oral and throat cancer. I believe distilled spirits are considered worse than beer or wine, but I'm not absolutely certain.

        Bottom line: a drink or two is probably not going to hurt you. Combine heavy drinking with tobacco, and a person's risk is much, much higher.
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          Alcohol is a confirmed human carcinogen, but it's highly related to dose (how much is consumed).

          In addition, it's only tied to certain types of cancer, as others mentioned. It's not considered a risk factor for testicular cancer or TC recurrance.

          Moderate drinking is considered safe for most people and has health benefits for people middle-aged and older.
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