I thought I posted this message in Elisabeth_L's thread, but now the thread seems to have disappeared! So I begin again....

I want to hear from the survivors out there if you (or your partner) did any kind of tests during pregnancy to check for birth defects. My husband's oncologist suggested that we do BCHG, amniocentesis and and ultrasound to check for organ development. I am only 6 weeks pregnant, and he finished his chemo (4 rounds of BEP) three years ago. I know from reading the articles suggested by some of the members on this forum that we are probably not at any higher risk for problems, but of course we are concerned about it. I don't want to over-do it with the testing because some of these tests carry risks to the fetus and have high false-positive rates. I think if you look and look and look, eventually you will find something but interpreting the results is always the trickiest part.

What is the experience of others? What tests did you do and did anyone have a false or true positive? What did you do?

Thanks for the support.