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Traveling with medical records

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  • Traveling with medical records

    Anyone have advice on traveling with medical records? We have an appointment with Dr. Einhorn on Monday and were told to bring his MRI/CT films and pathology slides. I'm not so much worried about the films, but I'm concerned security will hassle us about the pathology slides. Should we Fed-Ex these and not try to take them on board? We're flying on Continental.

    Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I wouldn't let them out of my site. Just imagine the hastle if they go lost.
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      As someone who has flown with motion picture film there should be no problem taking it on the plane with you.

      Don't let it out of your sight.



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        We had the hospital fedex the pathology slides when we went for a second opinion, I don't recall that they even gave us the option of picking them up.


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          we traveled several times to IU from colorado with the MRI CD's and reports. We also had the paper path report faxed to the office.

          One thing I would suggest is if your MRI's or other stuff are on CD, the burn a copy for your own records. We did that in case we had to go back and look at stuff, or just wanted to see his actually MRIs and try to stop the tumors. We did end up using our copies quite a bit.

          you should be fine.

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