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Chemo vs Weight Problems

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  • Chemo vs Weight Problems

    I have read in some article that chemo can change a lot of things in our system. It is probably true. I am in perfect shape since the end of my chemo and i play tennis, racquet-ball, ride my bike and run. But i think with the same effort i burn less fat than before. I eat the same thing as my wife and i am gaining weight more than before. I think that the only way for me to return to my desired weight is to eat only vegetables and salads. Do you think that chemo has somthing to do with it?

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    Same question

    Eric, Funny you should bring this up. I have also experienced the same results after Chemo. I have never been over 190lbs and now I am at 205lbs. Pretty much the same eating habits that I had prior to TC, and actually do get more exercise than before. I changed jobs recently and it is more pysical than prior one. I noticed this trend while on Chemo, I actually gained weight while being treated. I am currently trying to quit smoking and I know that may have some impact on weight gain, but really weight is staying pretty steady for the last 2 months. I think Chemo may have a impact on metabolism for some people and this is why we are seeing this trend. I hope it levels out soon, or I may have to try to get on the Biggest Loser show LOL.
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      Almost the same here. I gained a couple pounds during chemo and thought I would lose it after. Not happening. I've continued to gain a pound here and there and am up 10-15 pounds since starting the chemo.

      I think I eat about the same but maybe not. I never really watched it that closely. Most foods taste MUCH better now and that could really be the cause of the weight gain for me.
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        My son Chris after chemo actually takes weight gainers, he wants more weight I don't know about this theory, although he has always been very slim....Mary Ellen


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          so tempted not to say.... holding back.....<lets out large gasp of air> check your hormones.
          *runs and hides*
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            Me too ! Me too ! + 10 lbs post chemo.

            Food tastes so darn good now !

            Better get out the wide angle lens for my Maui wedding photo's in Feb

            ( Ha-Ha...even with the extra I'm only at 170lbs )
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              Gaining during Chemo

              I dropped almost 15 pounds after my RPLND, and I was really happy with the weight loss, but now that I'm in chemo, I'm actually gaining weight!
              I'm eating all the bad stuff- ice cream and Christmas cookies... but I sure hope I don't have any problems losing again in January- you guys are starting to get me worried!
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                I went from 185 to 158 when they made the diagnosis. When on Chemo, I started gaining the weight back that I'd lost. Thankfully, it wasn't the chubby type. Just me getting back to me again. Holding steady at 180.
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