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quick question on fatty liver after TC

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  • quick question on fatty liver after TC

    I wondered if anyone knew of any links between TC and fatty liver or testosterone levels and fatty liver. I was diagnosed with stage 1 seminoma in December 2005 and had right side orchidectomy and single dose carboplatin chemotherapy in the month following diagnosis. Have been on surveillance since.

    During most recent follow up CT scan al;l was normal except precence of a fatty liver (still not sure exactly what it means) which was not mentioned last year. Im also beingf investigated for lowered testosterone levels due to some relevant symptoms.

    I very much valued the support and advice I recieved from this forum last year. Any advice or knopwledge etc would be greatly appreciated.



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    I havent heard of low testosterone being linked to a fatty liver. Although abdominal fat is linked to a fatty liver, and low testosterone is linked to increase in fat. Its a long shot and I would suspect the chemo to more likely be the cause, but have you put on any weight around your stomach and hips?

    Raised triglycerides can also cause a fatty liver, and testosterone is known to be able to lower triglycerides.

    Personally, unless you have raised triglycerides or increase fat acumulation in your mid section then I wouldnt count testosterone being the cause.
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