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    Hi,just need some input and other perspectives....when you all go for your followup bloodwork, does your oncologist also order normal bloodwork...Chris's AFP is great.....but today he had a normal Dr. appt....and they want bloodwork since he hasn't had it in a while....for a 21 year that age, I didn't even go for check ups..and of course, Chris doesn't want to bother, since he goes enough every two months for his AFP bloodwork.......just want to know if we are missing something.....thanks as always....Mary Ellen

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    Liver, kidney and full blood count is usually done with every blood test wether someones being tested for STIs, hormones, flu or anything. Its considered good medicine. Previously having cancer would warrant getting proper blood work done routinely.
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      Hi Mary Ellen,
      When Josh does his bloodwork I'm pretty sure his doctore lists it as, CBC plus tumor markers. I'll check because Josh is supposed to go in this week. So glad to hear Chris's markers are normal!!!! What a relief!
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        Ray gets markers (bHCG, LDH and AFP), CBC, and Complete Metabolic Panel (liver and kidney) every 3 months from his oncologist. Glad Chris' AFP is good!!!
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          In addition to the normal set of markers, I get the liver, kidney and metabolic panel done...every 2 months. Probably not a bad thing - even for Chris.
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            Thanks when Chris gets his three blood tests that are the AFP , LDH, and believe it or not I am forgetting the third one, that is not testing for the other tests am I correct.....we see Sheinfeld on March 1 so and I will talk to Karen before that, but I don't think Chris has been getting the full work up....thanks again....Mary Ellen (and the tests the Dr. ordered yesterday were for cholesterol and thryroid.?????..which I found odd....Mary Ellen


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              Hi all, Karen(I don't know what I would do without her)... from Dr. Sheinfelds office called me just now and we are all set.
              Thanks again for helping with my worries.....and all your support.
              Mary Ellen
              P.S. Chris' bloodwork has been great, and in July it will be two years since his RPLND surgery!!!