Hello everyone, it's Thunderball, some guy who's been MIA from here for a year or so. Just thought I'd pass on some TC realted info since I recently got some. I finally got my fertility test scheduled and completed and the results back, a year after we first scheduled but then decided not to... Anywho's, as you can tell by the ole' sig at the bottom that I got a whole lotta the good stuff, a long island tea kind of chemo, and we knew there'd likely be a problem. I had stopped the androgel for a month so that my body chemistry would be in it's natural state for the MD, a state of disarray that is. My LH and FSH were past elevated and on to high, my testosterone was a 222 when 250 is considered low, and the count was easy to do, they didn't have anything to count. Total ablation of spermatogenesis was the diagnosis, they put just about evey drop on a slide looking for even a single survivor, there weren't even any bodies to count. The moral of this story kids, freeze em if you got em. I know it shouldn't matter, but the thought of another man's stuff having to take my place still bothers me. I do greatly regret not saving my own popsicle before all this happened. It didn't seem like an issue at the time, things change in 4yrs.