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    somewhere i read that chemo (BEP) may affect regular heartbeat (leading maybe to heart failures?).
    i'm getting worried since it's a couple of months that i "hear" my heart with a faster beat that the last 30 years (...). always been sporty guy and never had heart related problems... a Maybe i'm getting a bit paranoid but especially when i go to bed and lay on one side, i feel it pulsing faster and stronger. it's not related to fatigue (i go jogging and swimming and just after sport i'm ok), on the other hand i "feel it" when i'm relaxed. should i get it checked? anyone had same kind of problems?
    thank you,

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    I can relate to your fear Marco. Let your onc or GP know. In my case, my blood pressure has been up since chemo ended in 09/2005 plus high BP runs in my family. It doesn't take as much to get my heart pumping more than before. I'm sure you'll be fine. I think that most of our secondary problems have latency periods so there will be more "fun" later and will require additional vigilance. I am seeing my GP next week for BP and GERD/Heartburn assistance post treatment. Good luck.
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      "latency period"... that's scary. worrying for the rest of my life for a third arm to pop up suddenly from my back or a furry tail (just kidding.... ???)
      i'm worried if i should "slow down" my sport activities or, let's say.. other acitvities.
      thank's for the advice: in march i'll be seeing my doc for annual full checkup (ct scan) and i'll ask him to take a close look at my heart. let me know what your doc told you!


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        If the third arm growing out of your back or furry tail are in your genes, or you are at risk due to environmental factors or treatments, there's not a darn thing you can do to stop it. (But if that does happen can you post a picture to the Ballroom ?) Worrying won't accomplish anything but waste precious time. I know not worrying is easier said than done.

        Keep an eye out (or however many eyes you may have) for the third arm and furry tail by not only your TC check ups but yearly physical exams that will include a complete blood profile, EKG, maybe a colonoscopy if you're in that age group. Be proactive with your health and don't let fear of cancer slow you down or mess with your mind. Don't let it win.
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          With the heartbeat thing...I have had a similar feeling of being really aware of my heart beating...seems to thump against my chest, during times of stress and only when lying down (stressing over work when I can't sleep usually). It doesn't seem faster but the intense thumping feeling really freaks me out. It's called cardiac awareness (clever, huh?). My doc never found a cause and it hasn't happened in over a year, but I do remind him of it each year at my physical to keep him on vigilant with the exam. Checking it out is a good idea....let us know the outcome!
          Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.


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            thank you.
            i will check it out, though it seems so strange to me... i was able to run the marathon and have reglar heart pulse... i hope i won't be forced to practise chess as a sport for the rest of my life.