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    Hey all its been a while. Last post i thought my lain in my body was from maybe an auto immune disease. They were all negatuve and my blood counts all good. Only thing left would be peripheral neuropathy. Full body pain at times, heart flutters, pain in feet and hands for sure. Anyone heard of anything like this from BEPX2? I know everyones body is different but i may just be the unlucky. I finished in 2016 but 2 years ago the neuropothy started to kick in and its always around fall through winter. Im starting to think it can only get worse from here. Any help would be allreicated thanks guys.

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    I'm not sure if I have heard of peripheral neuropathy developing that far after chemotherapy. I am thinking it is usually within 2 years but I suppose it is not impossible. I have not heard of it being a full body pain though, so that seems a bit unusual. Not impossible it could be multiple things though too I suppose. Peripheral neuropathy and something else, for example.

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