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A small structure near one of the testicle after 5 years

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  • A small structure near one of the testicle after 5 years

    Good morning everyone,
    My name is Jacob, I got treated in 2018 for the Testicular cancer, is about 5 years of being free from Cancer (Had Chemo and RPLND Surgery). I don't know if things changed, as for last days I'm a feeling a pain in abdomen, and when I analyse myself the testicles, I felt a separate structure that's round like and smaller than a rice seed which is near to one the testicle. I don't know what's it seems to be. As it's not over the testicle and separate small structure, what should it be? Have anyone experienced it ?

    Thank you all and appreciate your feedback​

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    Hi Jacob,

    I would assume that with any certainty, that having a scrotal ultrasound will be the only way to know for sure what is going on. It could be a scrotal pearl if it can be moved around, for example, and not testicular cancer but if anything the scrotal ultrasound would at least bring peace of mind.

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      Thank you, I'll could be getting checked with blood markers and then an Ultrasound, to make it sure. I will update over the topic.


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        I did a blood work, the tumor markers are normal whereas the LDH value is elevated a bit. That is 300(U/L)


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          LDH is an indicator of inflamation (could be in any part of your body) not really a cancer marker, I'd say you are good, but might be good to take a close look at anything that feels odd. I would not be very concerned at this point.
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            Thank you for giving this insight, is about 5 years after RPLND. I had the tumor in lymph node(near left kidney) and both the testicles are unaffected. So I have it both. And there is some discomfort lately. I will be doing some scanning in coming days to figure it out. I will update on it later.
            Have a nice weekend