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  • feet problems?

    It has been 2 and half years since Eric has been on treatment. When he did treatment the doctor warned him that he might feel some tingling feeling in his hands/feet. Well we never experienced that I do not think... Eric did 3 rounds of Bleo, Cisplat. and vp15/16 (can nto remember the number off my top of my head). the last couple months when eric wakes up at night/morning and when he gets up from sitting for while he says he gets pricklies in his feet. Like they are waking up for falling alsleep and that little needles are poking him. It last about 30seconds-1min. He sees his doctor next month and will talk to him about this... Anyone experience this?

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    Sounds like peripheral neuropathy to me. If it's disrupting Eric's sleep, his onc can prescribe Neurontin (gabapentin) or Lyrica (pregabalin). Those drugs just treat the symptoms though, not the nerve damage itself.

    Both Neurontin and Lyrica are anticonvulsants and can cause dizziness, so it may not be worth it.
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      my experience was very similar to Robert's. after year three from BEP it's almost gone (doesn't bother me anymore, even if there is some neuropathy going on...).
      nerves have the ability to regenerate themselves, slowly. so often people recover from nerve damage caused by cisplatin.
      about the neurontin.. in my exeprience it did help with the tingling and burning sensation, but had severe effects like a bit of nausea (non nice after "surviving" chemo) and, mostly, on my behaviour: i was always very nervous with sudden "attacks" of anger. so, check it out with your doctor.


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        Thank you all! I told him it might be due to his chemo he took but he thought the side effects would show up during chemo or right after. He said he will mention it to the doctor!


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          Cancercare is hosting a telephone education workshop on peripheral neuropathy on April 17. More scoop on this can be found at this site .
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