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Long term survival?

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  • Long term survival?

    My husband has just finished his second round of High Dose Chemo and Stem Cell Transplant at IU. He was advanced Stage III when diagnosed in October. Although his HCG has almost normalized, was at 3.3 Monday, his AFP is being stubborn holding at 57. Dr. Einhorn said there could be several reasons for that and we'll wait to see what it does next week. I believe we'll be going home with oral chemo and then determining whether or not surgery is required.

    Ok, now that the markers are even close to normal and there is some hope, I am worried about his chances for long term survival. I know that there are a few people here who have achieved a remission after being diagnosed at later stages and going through HDC, but I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has survived for several years.

    I suppose I shouldn't be worried about this right now. The main objective is for him to survive at all and then we have to do whatever is necessary down the road. But after all we have been through just to get to this point, I am looking for some reassurance that it's possible for him to be cured. I hope that isn't unfair.

    There are several other TC patients here at IU right now. I know that one of them is only 17. As much as I worry for my husband, my heart breaks knowing that such young men are going through this, too. If any of you who visit this site are in Indy right now for HDC, please send me a private message and let me know if I can do anything to help you.

    sigpic Husband diagnosed 10/19/2006. EGCT, with mets to lung, brain, lymph nodes and liver, 4XBEP finished 12/25/2006. Began HDC 2/12/2007 at IU. HDC failure 5/07. Husband passed away 7/14/2007.

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    My advice is be sure he does not miss even ONE follow up appointment, not blood work, not scans not a thing.
    I wish the best for your husband and there will be side effects he'll have to deal with, some of them permanaent, for the rest of his life, the life you are both so greatful he has right now. Don't let him think he's cured just because he feels better. Don't take him getting sick lightly and it's better to over re-act than not act fast enuogh.
    I wish you the best and I hope your husband and family enjoy many many years together.